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Vulnerability Remediation Module

Vulnerability Remedation helps you remediate faster and more efficiently with risk prioritization

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Vulnerability Remedation Module Screenshot
Vulnerability Remedation Module Screenshot

Remediate your vulnerabilities more efficiently

  • Determine which vulnerabilities pose the highest risk and which can be delegated.
  • Filter and sort your vulnerabilities according to the data points that matter to you in order to reduce noise and ensure that your business is protected.
  • Determine the level of risk and prioritize remediation efforts in a multi-vendor environment.

Assign and triage vulnerabilities and hosts

  • Monitor your enterprise’s risk posture in real time and see which actions will have the greatest impact on lowering your risk score.
  • Create rules for automated triage based on your business intelligence.
Vulnerability Remedation Module Screenshot
Vulnerability Remedation Module Screenshot

Monitor existing vulnerability remediation progress

  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs) and optimize your program’s efficiency with a complete audit trail of all your vulnerabilities.
  • Determine which vulnerabilities pose the highest risk and which can be delegated.
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What is Vulnerability Remediation?

In any vulnerability management process, vulnerability remediation is a critical step. It refers to the actual steps taken and work completed to mitigate or eliminate threats. Naturally, successful remediation is contingent upon other aspects of vulnerability management, most notably an accurate assessment of potential risks’ threat levels. To ensure the effectiveness of any cyber security measures implemented as part of your vulnerability remediation efforts and to continuously improve your remediation outcomes, you should also evaluate your remediation efforts on a regular basis.

Why is Vulnerability Remediation Important?

Vulnerability remediation that is both effective and efficient has never been more important. Vulnerabilities are increasing as the volume of data grows and IT infrastructures become more intricate and complex. Since 2016, the number of Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits (CVEs) discovered in devices, networks, and applications has tripled, according to the National Vulnerability Database. Hackers are pounced on the opportunity presented by the increasing number of these flaws.

Vulnerability remediation is critical in this situation. Vulnerabilities must be addressed to reduce the risk of data breaches, denial of service attacks, and business interruptions caused by ransomware or other threats. In today’s environment, minimizing your attack surface and overall exposure is critical, especially since remote work is here to stay, according to Gartner, a fact that makes managing an even more complicated and layered environment even more difficult.

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