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Dark Web Probing

Use the Dark Web Probing service to detect if your company's sensitive data has been exposed on the dark web.

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Dark Web Overview
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Reduce Your Risk of a Data Breach

  • Employee account takeover occurs when hackers use stolen logins to access company accounts.
  • When employees reuse passwords across several internet accounts, thieves can access business accounts using credentials disclosed in third-party data breaches.
  • Detect and reset compromised passwords early, before criminals can exploit them, to help organizations avoid account takeover and targeted assaults like ransomware.

Preventing Account Takeover

  • Detect and recover compromised credentials early in the breach timeframe, before focused account takeover attacks normally start.
  • Infiltrate criminal networks to recover data before it becomes public, allowing businesses to protect sensitive personnel and limit entry points.
Dark Web Screenshot
Dark Web Screenshot

Protect Your Customers

    • Detect and remediate stolen company information before they are used by bad actors
    • Check your company proprietary information against the world’s largest repository of recovered breach assets, and get alerted if there are any signs of a breach that could put your customers at risk.
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What is Dark Web Probing service and how does it work?

  • Dark web probing and monitoring is the process of searching for and tracking company data on a portion of the internet that is not normally accessible by end-users.
  • Access to the dark web is via special API connectivity. It’s hidden from search engines and hides IP addresses. The dark web’s privacy and anonymity attracts those seeking to remain hidden, whether for personal or criminal reasons, including identity theft. If your Social Security number or other identifying information is stolen, it may be sold on the dark web to a fraudster. Dark web monitoring can help protect your company’s reputation and thus your finances.
  • Every day, our dark web monitoring service scans millions of suspicious entry points to identity any stolen information. This includes: Social Security numbers, Email address, Passport numbers,Medical identification numbers, Bank account numbers, Phone numbers, Driver’s license, Credit/debit cards, Retail/membership cards, backdoors, credentials, etc.

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