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Managed SIEM

Real-time analysis of threats, by correlating log data from all sources

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Clone Systems Managed SIEM MITRE

Optimize Your Security Intelligence

  • Correlating historical and real-time security information to identify patterns and trends to help prevent emerging threats
  • Analyzing correlated events to investigate suspicious activity and determine the level of potential risk to the business
  • Active threat intelligence consistently updated from multiple internal/external security source
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Maximize Your Teams Visibility

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  • Easy no hassle automated setup
  • On-prem, Cloud (Azure, AWS, private), virtual
  • Meets all compliance & privacy requirements
  • Your security is our responsibility
  • Transparent access to all of your data


  • Includes Hardware & Software
  • EDR Agents (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  • Security Orchestration Platform
  • SOC engineers 24/7 stopping threats
  • Darkweb Probing
Clone Systems Managed SIEM Product Sheet

Download the SIEM Product Sheet

Discover how you can assess your security posture with the automated Clone Guard Security Information and Event Management Product Sheet.

What is the Managed SIEM service and how does it work?

Security Information Event Management Overview
  • The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution is built on top of the powerful parsing, normalization, classification and categorization capabilities provided by our Log Management solution.
  • It actively inspects and correlates your historical and real time logs collected from your devices against consistently updated threat intelligence feeds, security signatures, and anomaly detection events to identify unique threat patterns and trends that could negatively impact your security.
  • This correlated log data and any identified threat patterns are presented in our intuitive SIEM solution to facilitate a deeper level of troubleshooting and resolution.
  • Our Security Operation Center (SOC) consistently monitors, analyzes and triages the correlated events 24/7 so that they can escalate prioritized alerts to your team as needed in order to help identify and prevent emerging threats before they occur.

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