Instructions for forwarding Okta logs to your Log Management device


  • Okta Portal
  • Administrator Credentials to access the Okta portal
Clone Systems Log Management Device
  • The IP Address for the Clone Systems Log Management device

1. Navigate a browser to the Okta Portal.


2. On the Sign in screen of your Okta Portal login with your organization and administrator account.

mycompany: Your Okta Organization

Click Go.

Username: Your Admin username

Password: Your Admin password

Click Sign In

3. On the UserHome page select Admin to access the Admin dashboard for your Okta portal.

Locate the top menu on the UserHome page.

Click Admin.

4. On the Admin dashboard, select the Security menu and then the API menu option.

Locate the top menu on the Admin dashboard page.

Click Security.

Under Security click API.

5. On the API Tokens page select Create Token.

Locate the Create Token button under the Tokens section of the API page.

Click Create Token.

6. Enter a name for your API Token.

Enter a name for the API Token in the What do you want your token to be named? field of the Create Token page.

Click Create Token.

7. The API Token Value will be created.

Note: Record the Token Value assigned.

A message will display indicating: Token created successfully!

Note: Copy the string in the Token Value field to notepad and label it Token Value as you will need this value to configure Okta in the Clone Systems Clone Guard® Log Management appliance.

Click OK, Got it.

8. Please provide the following values to Clone Systems to complete the configuration for forwarding Okta logs to your Log Management device:

  • The Token Value
  • The Your Okta Organization name

Note: The URL used to access your Okta portal API is:

https://{Your Okta Organization}.okta.com/api/v1