Instructions for forwarding Juniper Junos Pulse logs to your Log Management device


Junos Pulse SSL VPN Appliance

  • The IP Address for the Junos appliance
  • Credentials to access the Junos appliance
  • Secure Shell (SSH) access configured on the Junos appliance

Clone Systems Log Management Device

  • The IP Address for the Clone Systems Log Management device

1. Open a command prompt and SSH into the Juniper Junos Pulse using a tool like PuTTY.

2. Enter configuration mode.

  • Juniper > config

3. Configure log messages to be sent to the Clone Systems Log Management device.

  • Juniper # set system syslog host { IP Address of Clone Systems Log collector } any error
  • Juniper # set system syslog host any error

4. Specify a filename to capture log messages.

  • Juniper # set system syslog file qflogs any error

5. Commit the set of changes to the database and cause the changes to take operational effect.

  • Juniper # commit

6. Exit from configuration mode.

  • Juniper # exit