Locate the Permissions section and check the boxes next to Grant read informationGrant read log, and Grant read resource.

Click Protect this Application.


Instructions for forwarding Duo logs to your Log Management device


  • Duo Admin Panel
  • Duo account with Admin API enabled
Clone Systems Log Management Device
  • The IP Address for the Clone Systems Log Management device

1. Navigate a browser to the Duo Admin panel.


2. On the Sign in screen of the Duo Admin Panel login with your administrator account.

Email address: Your Email Address

Password: Your Administrator password

Click Log In.

Confirm your Identity using the passcode sent to you.

3. Navigate to Applications in the sidebar.

Click Applications.

4. Click Protect an Application and locate Admin API in the applications list. Next, click Protect this Application to get your Integration Key, Secret Key, and API Hostname.

Click Protect an Application.

Locate Admin API in the applications list.

5. Under the Settings section for this application locate the Permissions section and check the boxes next to Grant read information, Grant read log, and Grant read resource.

Locate the Settings section for this application.

Do not check the boxes next to any other permissions.

6. Enter a name for the Admin API application under the Settings section and click Save.

Enter a Name for the Admin API application under the Settings section.

Click Save.

7. The Integration KeySecret Key, and API Hostname will be created and displayed at the top of the new Admin API application’s page.

Note: Record the assigned Integration KeySecret Key, and API Hostname.

8. Please provide the following values to Clone Systems to complete the configuration for forwarding Duo logs to your Log Management device:

  • The Integration Key
  • The Secret Key
  • The API Hostname