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Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Detect and respond to malicious operations across the IT stack, including endpoint, network, and cloud deployments.

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Clone Systems Managed SIEM Overview
Clone Systems Intrusion Prevention Service Overview

Beyond Endpoint Security

  • Never lose sight of the attacker thanks to a unified view of cloud, endpoint, network, and log data that reveals threats and anomalous behavior.
  • Use both Indicators of Compromise and Behavior Analytics, to discover the most subtle signs of compromise from across your organization’s networks.

Adaptive Response

  • Reduce mean time to response (MTTR) across all networks with automated and guided one-click mitigation via SOAR that eliminates the need for complex queries.
  • Eliminate impediments to effective detection and response, such as log management and data collection tasks, agent deployment and maintenance cycles, and convoluted data extraction and behavioral detection syntax languages.
Clone Systems Endpoint Detection & Response Vulnerabilities

What is Extended Detection and Response (XDR)?

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a new cybersecurity service that is on the rise. To protect organizations from cyberthreats, it combines managed threat detection and response with endpoint protection and response. It’s a one-stop shop for all things related to threat detection and response.

XDR services give businesses end-to-end visibility into data across their network, endpoints, and security technologies, allowing them to quickly identify and respond to threats. Businesses hire XDR service providers to aggregate and monitor all of their data from any and all available sources, analyze the data, and respond quickly to alerts in order to protect the company and reduce risk.

Clone Systems Endpoint Detection & Response MITRE

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