Cost Associated with Overlooking Voice and Video Security

New York, NY – With all the news and data on network security, it can be easy to miss that your voice and video services (Unified Communications) are just as susceptible to attacks as the rest of your network. UC services are difficult to secure because they include a wide-range of disparate technologies that range from VoIP to online conferencing to SMS messaging. And each technology requires its own maintenance, user details, and network access. This means that once they’re integrated into your system, they also require their own specialized security.

According to AT&T and other UC providers, attacks to UC networks can cost up to $4 billion a year. This includes the actual cost of the hack, as well as, loss of productivity to fix the vulnerability on the system.

However, finding good UC security systems that can work with any product, collect logs for compliance, and still detect and prevent attacks can prove almost impossible. That is why Clone Systems offers a suite of solutions to ensure your UC services are protected.

These solutions include VoIP & Video Intrusion Prevention Service, VoIP Honey Pot Service, and Threat Intelligence Solution. They work together to prevent hackers from entering your system. They collect and correlate logs to provide detailed reports on strengths and vulnerabilities in your system. These services also come standard with Clone Security Specialists, who work 24/7 to ensure your UC services are up-to-date with the latest software and are constantly protected.

“Overlooking unified communications, voice, and video security can cost companies millions if they are ever hacked,” said Tom Nianios, head of security at Clone Systems. “Clone offers these solutions to not only save customers money in the long run, but also ensure they have robust protection for any UC product or service that they use.”

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