"Properly Secure Every Business Network"

About Us

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Our Mission : " Properly Secure Every Business Network "

Clone Systems® is a global network security provider established in 1998 that provides best-in-class solutions for securing your network. Our established industry presence and innovative solutions utilizing cutting edge technologies make your security position a tenable operating expense rather than an obstructive capital cost. Furthermore, our award-winning service guarantees that your security initiatives will be implemented and maintained with the highest regard.

We currently have more than 1,300 clients world-wide and actively protect more than 3,500 network nodes. Clone Systems’ headquarters is in North America and our European head office is in the U.K. Clone Systems® is a pure-play MSSP providing comprehensive network security services that yield world-class protection for your enterprise. Clone Systems’ proven suite of network security products and services penetrate an ever evolving market detecting malicious activity, preventing intrusions, and improving compliance, all while reducing your operating costs.

Clone Systems® delivers both ready-made and customized security solutions that assure the veracity of your data and all assets and resources in your network. Our team of highly trained network security and infrastructure engineers provide expert assessments and recommendations regarding intrusion protection, detection, and response, at either your local installation or at our managed enterprise data centers. Most services are available by monthly subscription with no long term commitment. Others, like penetration testing or PCI scans, can be performed on an on-demand basis.

Since our company’s inception, we have distinguished ourselves by the thorough nature of our solutions, our around-the-clock customer support, and our service guarantees, which are among the most comprehensive in our industry.

Our client base is comprised of a wide vista of organizations in the following business sectors:

Retail & Supply Chain
Banking & Finance
Health & Pharmaceutical
Energy & Utilities
Government, Education
Media & Entertainment
Legal & CPA

Our solutions portfolio provides encompassing and verifiable intrusion detection and resistance in the following areas of the enterprise:

Penetration testing
PCI Scans
Managed Disaster Recovery
Managed High Availability
Managed Wireless Security
Managed IDS
Managed UTM
Managed Host IDS
Managed IPS
Email Security

Our managed site options provide your organization a seamless means by which to backup critical data for disaster recovery, implement a PCI-compliant web presence, or retain high availability status. Managed sites employ private Clouds, a new computing model that is the most secure, cost-effective, and resilient means to assure the security of your data.

Every private Cloud we create and administer adheres to the stipulations of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a consortium of the world’s largest technology companies that mandate meeting strict guidelines across 12 functional security domains.

All managed Cloud data is at your disposal through our Security Information Portal, a web-based dashboard that allows you to manage and monitor all security parameters, generate security reports, and even initiate PCI scans or penetration tests.

Clone Systems® also provides formal and practical strategies for achieving compliance with the following security frameworks:

PCI Data Security Standard

Our PCI ASV and PCI Compliant Service Provider certifications assure that the results we provide you will be current with existing PCI standards, and be guaranteed accurate.

There exists no more important consideration for your enterprise than the safety of the data residing on it. And the risks to that data grow exponentially each year. Your strategy for dealing with these surreptitious threats can quite literally be the difference between success and failure for your business. We would welcome the opportunity to lend our security expertise to your organization and enterprise.