Instructions for forwarding Qualys logs to your Log Management device


  • Qualys Portal
  • Administrator Credentials to access the Qualys portal
Clone Systems Log Management Device
  • The client specific Email Address provided by Clone Systems that will be used in the configuration of the Qualys API Account

1. Note: Before beginning these steps, please obtain your client specific Email Address from Clone Systems which will be used to configure the Qualys API Account.

Navigate a browser to the Qualys Portal.


2. On the Qualys home page click Log in and then select your Qualys Platform.

Note: If you need help figuring out which platform to select check the following link located here:

3. On the Log in page of your Qualys Portal login with your administrator account.

User Login: Your Admin username

Password: Your Admin password

Click Log In

4. On your Qualys user interface select Users to administer Users for your portal.

Locate the top menu on the Qualys user interface.

Click Users.

5. On the Users section under the Users tab, create a New User.

Locate the User tab on the Users Section.

Click New.

Under New click User.

6. On the New User page fill out the General Information for the API User account.

Use the client specific Email Address that was provided for the E-mail Address field.

7. On the New User page fill out the User Role section to set the privileges for the API User account.

Save the New User.

Select Reader for the User Role drop down.

Ensure that the GUI and API checkboxes are checked for the Allow access to field.

Click Save.

8. The API User will now be created and will display a status of Pending Activation.

A registration email will be sent to the Clone Systems Security Operations Center (SOC) with a secure one-time-only link to the credentials for the new API User account and login instructions.

No additional steps are required and you can Logout of your Qualys portal.