Clone Systems Partners with CounterTack to Provide Holistic Endpoint and Managed Security Solutions

New York, NY – Clone Systems has partnered with CounterTack, the leader in Big Data Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), to provide customers with a more robust and holistic security solution.

“At Clone Systems, we are always excited about partnering with best practice leaders like CounterTack, who can provide additional security for endpoints,” said Richard Daw, CEO, Clone Systems. “The CounterTack Sentinel solution seamlessly integrates into our existing solution. It enables us to provide more endpoint visibility as an additional security layer that increases detection and further mitigates risk.”

Customers of both Clone and CounterTack will benefit from this partnership. With the expansion of “bring your own device” programs and the increase in employees working from a variety of locations, securing all endpoints has become critical. Businesses need to know where they’re vulnerable and how they can best defend their networks based on the increasing variables they encounter in an expanding and evolving work environment. By making CounterTack’s Sentinel solution part of its Clone Guard® offering, Clone has enhanced its services to ensure their customers’ devices are secured no matter where they are or how they are accessed.

“We want to ensure we give customers the most holistic view possible of their environment. This means we are always looking for advanced technology to support us in discovering advanced persistent threats and that allow us to gather as much data and analysis as possible to better defend our customers,” said Daw.

In a recent interview on 60 Minutes, the FBI stated that there are two types of companies: those who know they’ve been hacked and those who don’t yet know. With the major attacks on Target, Sony, and now Anthem, it is increasingly apparent that companies must utilize the best security systems possible to defend their networks. By adding CounterTack endpoint security to the Clone Guard® suite, Clone can empower its customers with the most robust, holistic security possible so they can keep their customers and data completely secure.

To kick-off the partnership, CounterTack will host an MSSP webinar panel discussion featuring the Clone team on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 2:00 PM. To register, go to

About Clone Systems

Clone Systems is a pure-play, vendor agnostic MSSP, who secures more than 1,500 customers by preventing over 50,000 attacks every day. Their Security Operation Centers (SOCs) are responsible for continuously monitoring approximately 5 million end users and conducting at least 40,000,000 vulnerability scans on a daily basis. Clone’s proprietary Clone Guard® Security Solutions Suite ensures businesses are protected against an evolving threat landscape by detecting malicious activity, preventing security threats, and improving ongoing compliance.

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About CounterTack

CounterTack is the leading provider of a real-time, Big Data endpoint threat detection and response for the enterprise. CounterTack’s Sentinel platform provides unprecedented visibility and context around endpoint behavior to around targeted, persistent threats to improve incident response and threat detection, enterprise-wide.

Built on Big Data architecture to counter endpoint attacks at-scale, and leveraging its stealthware technology for pure behavioral capture on workstations and servers, Sentinel dramatically reduces the impact of advanced attacks in real-time, giving teams an opportunity to defend the enterprise before incidents escalate.

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