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Securely run your compute and storage resources and rapidly scale them as your business evolves

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    Host Mission Critical Applications

    • Securely store, transmit and process data while achieving the highest level of data security
    • Achieve compliance in accordance with industry standards: PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, FISMA, NIST, SOX, SOC2, GDPR and others
    • Quickly scale and provision computing resources to adapt to the evolving demands of your business
    • User-friendly technical support provided by our Security Operation Centers staffed with skilled and certified security engineers
    Secure Private Cloud 24/7 SOC
    Secure Private Cloud VDI Solution

    Rapidly Deliver VDIs

    • Maintain a common, supported desktop environment across your business while simplifying the process of deploying updates
    • Applications can execute in your secure compliant cloud and communicate seamlessly back to resources hosted on-prem
    • Virtualized desktops are completely isolated from other infrastructure minimizing exposure of critical resources

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    How Secure Private Cloud Works

    Clone Systems secure private cloud is highly available, delivered on proven and robust infrastructure, compliant with critical industry standards and regulations, and protected 24/7 by Clone Systems comprehensive suite of security services and solutions. We provide you with a simple interface for rapidly provisioning the virtual servers you need to address your business and technical requirements using your choice of a variety of operating systems and your custom application environment. Our team of certified security and network engineers are available to provide you with technical support and can assist with connecting your secure private cloud to your existing IT infrastructure using encrypted IPsec VPN connections so you can securely transmit and process data. As your computing requirements evolve you can quickly scale capacity and tailor your secure private cloud to the demands of your critical business applications.

    Secure Private Cloud Overview
    Learn about Incident Response