Penetration Testing for up to 255 Internal + External IP Addresses or Domain Names

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Perform real world attack simulations on your infrastructure with CloneGuard® On-Demand Penetration Testing portal. Use your computer’s web browser or smartphone to perform your PenTest.

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CloneGuard® On-Demand web-based Penetration Testing Portal allows you to perform real world attack simulations on your infrastructure to identify existing vulnerabilities and to obtain recommendations on how to remediate them and improve your overall security. Use your computer’s web browser or smartphone to perform your PenTest. Once there are no high and medium vulnerabilities in your environment a ‘Certified Pass’ report will be available to address your assessment and compliance reporting requirements

This service provides you with the ability to conduct On-Demand Penetration Testing for up to 255 External and 255 Internal IP addresses or domain names. Thirty (30) day access to the On-Demand cloud-based Penetration Testing Portal so you can configure, schedule and execute your penetration tests.

*Not for resale. Only one business supported per order. Click here if you need to scan multiple businesses or resell services. 

27 reviews for Penetration Testing for up to 255 Internal + External IP Addresses or Domain Names

  1. Arthur P

    Worked well even for our assets hosted in Azure. Would love to see the remediation module integrated with Azure to auto remediate the threats

  2. Keith G

    Good value here. This service is priced right. We paid close to 8 times more last year with another vendor and the findings were the same.

  3. Dana B

    Many thanks to the support team for helping me scan and provide advice on how to fix our issues

  4. Juan S

    We are using the AWS appliance to perform the internal scans and it works great.

  5. Paul M

    Satisfied customer that renews this solution every year. It just works

  6. Justin C

    The internal scanner can run on low resources which i was impressed with

  7. Nicole C

    The executive report could be a bit more detailed. Other than that, the testing went well

  8. Clarence L

    Utilize this service before a major audit it will help yoi fix 97% of your issues.

  9. Joe G

    Use the authenticated option to find the most threats

  10. Charles B

    Works for the PCI pentest requirement

  11. Douglas B

    Some of our XSS findings were hard to troubleshoot from the info provided in the report

  12. Philip S

    Easy setup for the scans and scanner. Check out their video tutorials if you run into any issues.

  13. Christy S

    The service was used to prep for our corporate wide pentest and we passed both easily

  14. Ryan L

    An viable alternative to a full blown pentest

  15. Howard W

    The auditor accepted the results as part of our SOX audit

  16. Roman Y

    Running these scans internally and externally every quarter has given us peace of mind that new threats will be uncovered quickly

  17. Melissa H

    Avoid doing the credentialed scans cause it find to many things to remediate

  18. Alexey P

    Been using the service for a few years. Our auditors are happy with the reports

  19. Edward P

    Used this option for a few years but moved over to their managed pentest offering

  20. Kevin P

    The service works well, but as a user you should still have some basic knowledge on whatnyou are doing

  21. Jerry M

    Good auditing tool for critical assets, domain controllers, database servers, auth servers, etc.

  22. Martin W

    If you are using AWS use the image they have in the marketplace. Setup is easy

  23. Jesse E

    Had some initial issues getting the scanner setup but worked like a charm afterwards

  24. Ricky B

    Pentesting cost us 25k last year and less than 1/4th that this year. keep the prices this low and i will remain a satisfied customer

  25. Christopher R

    Good service at a fair price

  26. Felipe C

    We had to setup a site to site vpn for the internal scanner

  27. Markus C

    Automated method for performing an extensive pentest. Easy setup and decent run times.

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