Penetration Testing for up to 255 External IP Addresses or Domain Names

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Perform real world attack simulations on your infrastructure with CloneGuard® On-Demand Penetration Testing portal. Use your computer’s web browser or smartphone to perform your PenTest.

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CloneGuard® On-Demand web-based Penetration Testing Portal allows you to perform real world attack simulations on your infrastructure to identify existing vulnerabilities and to obtain recommendations on how to remediate them and improve your overall security. Use your computer’s web browser or smartphone to perform your PenTest. Once there are no high and medium vulnerabilities in your environment a ‘Certified Pass’ report will be available to address your assessment and compliance reporting requirements

This service provides you with the ability to conduct On-Demand Penetration Testing for up to 255 External IP addresses or domain names. Thirty (30) day access to the On-Demand cloud-based Penetration Testing Portal so you can configure, schedule and execute your penetration tests.

32 reviews for Penetration Testing for up to 255 External IP Addresses or Domain Names

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  9. Ali Y

    The 30 day portal access window gives you enough time to address the findings

  10. Jeremy O

    Exception approval took longer than 24 hrs other than that i am happy with the service

  11. Martin S

    There were some false positives as we backport packages

  12. Carl B

    Support was Great they helped us resolve some of the findings

  13. Vinnie Z

    The web app option identified SQL injections that needed to be addressed

  14. Calvin O

    A cheap alternative to doing it yourself with open source tools

  15. David G

    The scans ran quick. You can also scan multiple sites as long as you dont exceed the IP license count

  16. Lance H

    A lower IP option would be nice.

  17. Peter R

    Works against network, server and webapps

  18. Cleo A

    GDPR compliance requirement for our org was fullfiled by this service

  19. Larry F

    QSA auditor accepts this as a valid pentest as the compant is an asv

  20. Anthony S

    Its an easy automated way to run a pentest. I still have authorized hackers perform manual tests once a year, but I use this tool before the hackers do their testing.

  21. Carlos R

    Quick scan times helped me get the Pentest done on time for our audit

  22. Jordon S

    We use their ASV scanning so it was a natural fit to use the Pentesting service as both are available through the same portal

  23. Timothy R

    I have used the service for my PCI compliance audit (ROC) for the past few years. All good Thanks

  24. Adam N

    Utilize the credentials feature to get the best results

  25. Kelly F

    Helpful and knowledgable support team. Ask for support and you shall receive.

  26. Ed E

    You can get a discount for quantity 2 if you’d like to test bi-annualy. just reach out to their sales team

  27. Craig E

    I only have a network with 32 ip addresses why am i paying for 255?

  28. Winston C

    Utilize the full pentest profile to evaluate your perimeter. I found the rest of the profiles were a subset of the full.

  29. Maria W

    Since its automated you would asaume the prixe would be bit cheaper

  30. Ephraim T

    Overall our network has been hardened, so this service verified it

  31. Rachel A

    Great way to test your network without paying tens of thousand of dollars.. I am certain we became more secure using the service.

  32. Ulysses D

    Ulysses D External pentest service helped us with a partner audit. Once we fixed the results and performed a re-ran, we came out clean and our partner was satisfied with the reports.

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