PCI Compliance Scan for up to 255 External IP addresses or domain names

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Demonstrate compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (DSS) and protect your customers’ information by adhering to PCI DSS Requirement 11.2.2.

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Clone Systems is an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) that meets all the PCI DSS council requirements. This service provides you with the ability to conduct PCI Compliance scans for up to 255 External IP addresses or domain names, utilizing an easy to use self-managed, web-based, PCI Compliance Scanning Portal.

77 reviews for PCI Compliance Scan for up to 255 External IP addresses or domain names

  1. Patrick H

    We use the service to scan our corp and DR environment. We even use it to scan stuff outside the CDE as the IP count is way more than what we need. It’s a reasonably priced service and the support is US based as far as I can tell.

  2. George M

    Quick support response times. Appreciate the help, keep up the good work

  3. Isaiah

    The scan completed within 8 hours for nmy entire Class C network

  4. Vivian R

    Thanks to all the commentors, you really helped me decide to purchase the product and I am not dissapointed. Keep posting comments, it makes vendors stay honest

  5. Ayla F

    Good support, I appreciate the assistance

  6. David J

    The security trust seal increased my conversion by 10% . I hope it continues to go up from here.

  7. Giovani P

    Had to change the targets to my external IPs. Keep in mind this is an external scanning service.

  8. Carson B

    Enjoyed the US-based support team. I actually spoke to someone in their USA SOC. Tom helped guide me through questions on resolving some of the vulnerabilities.

  9. Jose D

    5-year customer, the service has evolved quiet a bit. I am noticing and appreciate all the advancements.

  10. Jacob D

    Hearing the word compliance drives me crazy. Thanks for making it simple

  11. Marco K

    Wish I knew about the offer earlier was spending 5 times the amount for less value. Thanks for offering a complete product.

  12. Katherine T

    Consider their team an intergral security partner, they answered some security questions outside of the scope of this service

  13. Oliver R

    Solid support, very technical

  14. Andrew Z

    Scanned 21 websites in under 3 hours. It took much longer with my previous provider.

  15. Aubre L

    Love their support team.

  16. Mary K

    Useful product that helped our company achieve compliance I will be renewing my account. Thanks

  17. Charlie R

    PCI compliant – YES!

  18. Samantha G

    Would like to see a quick scan feature that only scans for the vulnerabilities identified in the pervious scan. Other than that, everything worked as expected.

  19. Austin A

    Discovered some issues on my sites that needed to be fixed, the remediation report was intuitive and guided us on how to get this resolved.

  20. Thomas S

    Will add some of their other services to my account. I am satisfied with their PCI offer.

  21. George B

    PCI compliance simplified, love the tool.

  22. Valerie P

    Their technology is solid, it detected more vulnerabilities than our previous tool

  23. Stefano G

    No option to change the curency from dollars to euros during the purchase

  24. David E

    Make sure you whitelist their scanners, as instructed, it will save you time.

  25. Ian F

    Easy to use, made the process simple

  26. Evan S

    Quick response times from the support team.

  27. Jude Y

    I saw a comment about security seals. I concur with that poster.

  28. Evan J

    The mobile app is a nice gimick. I am not sure it’s needed for the PCI portion.

  29. Andrew B

    Would have prefered an option for some type of bundle that included a pci pentest with this offer.

  30. Adam E

    WordPress integration plugin would be a nice addition, other vendors have it!

  31. Christian J

    I am using two vendors at this point as this solution does not offer any security seals. Please add them so I can consolidate to one vendor

  32. Kaylee G

    The pci scanning service is exactly as advertised. Nothing more, nothing less.

  33. Christopher W

    Why? The scans work just fine.

  34. Jack D

    It seems like when I stopped the scan and started it again, it started from the beginning. I wish it would pickup from where it stopped.

  35. Everett P

    I purchased twice by accident and they contacted me to confirm and refund my money. I appreciated that alot

  36. Robert D

    Wish there was an option for 1024 hosts. I would need to buy multiple packages to reach that number, higher bundles would be nice.

  37. Gabriel G

    A no hassle PCI scanning service that works.

  38. Sebastian S

    The solution didn’t detect a vulnerability another product detected. It did turn out the vulnerability detected by the other product was a false positive. I changed my review from 2 stars to four, after I determines the FP.

  39. Jose R

    I was utilizing the pci service through one of their partners and became a direct client instead (cheaper and better support.)

  40. Lucas C

    Woohoo I’m compliant, thanks

  41. Tony K

    Read the reviews, everything said by the reviewers is accurate. Read through them and you’ll get an overall idea on what the pci scanning tool is like.

  42. James T

    Will be renewing the service as long as I need PCI. Simple to use no issues.

  43. George J

    I like the service and support. Easy to use web interface, worth it, just buy.

  44. Andrew B

    Super support. Thanks for helping me complete my scan and getting my attestation of compliance to my processor

  45. Melanie W

    I purchased the service to scan a customer of mine. I was able to complete the whole process in a few hours, my customer was ecstatic when I came back with his compliance reports. Thanks

  46. Scott L

    I will be segmenting my network and downgrading my service to a lower IP count. But this is a good value for the number of hosts you can scan.

  47. Allison T

    Excellent support. Great team to work with.

  48. Scot S

    Completed the scan of my entire network within a few hours. So I’m not sure why other people have mentioned scans times. My scans completed faster than expected.

  49. Charles H

    Other than long pci scanning times, I am happy with the product.

  50. Daniel L

    Any chance we can get the interface to be in French? I do not believe there are other ASVs that offer this, so you’d differentiate for sure.

  51. Jonah E

    Really easy process to setup the scans. I havent played around with the saqs yet, and not looking forward to it either.

  52. Ryan E

    Fairly easy process to setup the scans and complete the SAQ. I’m giving them 4 stars, just cause I like everything for free

  53. Ella K

    I was able to figure it out technically. That’s a huge win! Thanks for making it simple to use.

  54. Leo M

    The scans took a little while to complete, but I was told it had to do with the bandwidth available on my shared hosted site which kind of makes sense

  55. Mateo B

    I wish the saq was multi-lingual. I was able to complete my SAQ in english

  56. Chloe B

    I have used other products in the past, this is as good if not better than some of the other vendors, but the cost is much more reasonable. Don’t increase the costs after this review!

  57. Thomas F

    English speaking support team that is extremely knowledgeable. The resolved some routing issues my ISP had, which was outside the scope of the PCI compliance service. I am impressed.

  58. Jayden G

    Need a middle tier option from an IP count, 32, or 64 perhaps?

  59. John J

    Thanks Clonites, love the service and the support. Sorry for bugging you guys all the time but my environment changes consistently 🙂

  60. Luke R

    I have been using the service for over 3 years, so I thought it’s time to provide a review. I like the fact that they take customer feedback seriously. It’s nice to know even small customers can steer the solution they utilize. Thanks for listening, the product has advanced considerably from the earlier days. Keep up the good work.

  61. John S

    I like the web interface, it simplifies the process of becoming compliant

  62. Michael H

    PCI compliance in a box, well in a portal

  63. Helen S

    Love the saq wizard, easy to determine which saq I had to fill out. I’ve always had an issue determing which one, and this service made it easy.

  64. Oliver D

    I use some other services of theirs which are more costly, their PCI scanning is a good value.

  65. Henry R

    Easy to use, made the process simple

  66. Jack V

    Good value. If you’re looking to scan anything above 10 hosts I don’t think you’ll find a cheaper price. I did look around, but didn’t check every vendor to be honest.

  67. Jacob S

    My account was setup instantly and I was able to become compliant in a few hours. I must say the SAQ process is time consuming, the form is endless.

  68. Alexander P

    I wish there was an option to purchase a 64 IP address bundle. Not very fond of paying for so many unused ip addresses.

  69. Zoe T

    The online SAQ wizard is intuitive. You can determine which SAQ you need to fill out utilizing the step by step process.

  70. Mike W

    Simple to use interface. I am not technical and was able to figure things out. Wish there was an online video to reference.

  71. Richard P

    The only vendor I could find with pricing online that is also on the approved list.

  72. Wally R

    The features keep on coming. Love the changes that happened over the past few months. Highly recommend for PCI compliance scanning

  73. David Q

    The price is what made me purchase the product, but I am extremely happy with the solution overall.

  74. Yolanda T

    Recommend it. Works to achieve compliance

  75. Dmitry R

    I had used other ASVs in the past, and these guys found more vulnerabilities than the other vendors (that can be a good and bad thing actually, lol). Highly recommend the service.

  76. John Y

    Love the ui. I’m an independent contractor and bought this service for the sites I manage.

  77. John H

    The cheapest pci solution for the number of IP addresses. I couldn’t find any other vendor providing this many IPs at this price tag.

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