PCI Compliance Scan for up to 128 External IP addresses or domain names

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Demonstrate compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (DSS) and protect your customers’ information by adhering to PCI DSS Requirement 11.2.2.

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Clone Systems is an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) that meets all the PCI DSS council requirements. This service provides you with the ability to conduct PCI Compliance scans for up to 128 External IP addresses or domain names, utilizing an easy to use self-managed, web-based, PCI Compliance Scanning Portal.

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34 reviews for PCI Compliance Scan for up to 128 External IP addresses or domain names

  1. Johnathan S

    We scan about 50 of our stores. The are all fortinet firewalls and we havent had an issue yet. The scans for all firewalls complete with 3 hours give or take.

  2. Ian H

    Extremely satisified, I have no issue with the service for years

  3. Skylar D

    Its an authorized scan, the reports were accepted by my bank

  4. Jake T

    I started using the website security seals on some of my sites. Good addition I was able to cancel my service with another provider

  5. William N

    You can become pci compliant easily with this service. If you exceed a certain volume of transactions you might also need to hire a pci auditor known as qsa

  6. Peter G

    One of the few providers that still have pricing online listed. I used another vendor for years, this solution.

  7. Gael V

    Read comments below about their support. The comments are spot on

  8. Derek K

    Easily reach a compliant state. Wizards to setup the scans and complete the saqs

  9. Jose C

    Reasonably priced for the quantity of hosts you can scan. I’ve seen solutions out there that cost this much or more for a 10 Ip license or less

  10. Bryan G

    The service and platform work. I setup my scans to run monthly. Eventhough the requirement states quarterly scans, set them up to monthly to avoid any unexpected vulnerabilities discovered

  11. Jack F

    The videos helped guide me through the pci scanning process, thanks for adding them to the site.

  12. Kaleb J

    Less than 100 ASVs left globally, this company is solid and has been around many years.

  13. Arianna B

    Our company uses their managed services, but I am responsible for only the PCI compliance portion. I must say the service simplifies my job.

  14. Luca Z

    Utilize the seals on your site they don’t cost anything, but do increase conversion. Do not put them on every single page though. Just the checkout/cart pages

  15. Ken O

    Highly Recommend. I have been using it for many years and its worth it, plus the support team is great.

  16. Ashton W

    Dual factor access into the portal would be nice. Everyone has 2fa nowadays!!

  17. Anthony P

    Spoke to support today and was baffled to find out that the support staff is all based out of the US. No clue how they can pay US support and charge so little. I’ll take it!

  18. Faith D

    I wish I could purchase the exact number of ip’s I need to scan and not have to buy the entire 128 IP bundle

  19. Robert O

    Scanned my entire /25 network easily, fixed the issues and re-scanned, simple process

  20. Shawn B

    I purchase all their scanning products and highly recommend this one and the others

  21. Matthew

    Scanning for pci was simple, fixing the vulnerabilities was a bit painful. I appreciate the support the Clone team provided.

  22. Ryan S

    Buy it, you won’t find it less expensive anywhere else, I searched.

  23. Juan Q

    Good value pci service

  24. Matthew K

    The saq wizard was extremelly helpful, thanks

  25. Isabelle I

    Fast scanning times, small number of false positives

  26. Will S

    The scanning works as expected and the saq wizard was nice, as it helped me choose the appropriate saq. I’ve been completing the wrong one all these years.

  27. Gabriel T

    The support staff was extremely helpful

  28. Julian J

    After whitelisting their scanner on my waf, the scan completed successfully.Whitelist their scanner IP range, you can find it in the help section

  29. Matthew G

    I come from a development background, so it was nice to see a nice ui/ux experience

  30. Mike K

    Worked fine. All my sites are on Cloudflare, and I was able to scan them all 80+ in under 24 hours

  31. Theo U

    Interested in seeing a 64 license option

  32. Dylan F

    Highly recommend have been a client of theirs for 9 years

  33. Charles V

    Least expensive option I could find for the number of hosts I needed to scan.

  34. Nathan B

    I downgraded from the 255 IP bundle, thanks for adding a lower ip count

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