Cyber Defence Partner

We offer a comprehensive suite of Security solutions. Experience how we can prevent, alert and respond to cyber security threats.


Benefit as a Customer

  • Protect your business in real-time 24/7 against global emerging threats and vulnerabilities
  • Deliver proper security for your unique business requirements through collaboration with certified security engineers
  • Extensive global and industry specific security experience and expertise
  • Assess and identify vulnerabilities within your environment and obtain recommendations on how to remediate them and improve your overall security posture
  • Provide additional security resources that free up your team to focus on driving core business value
  • Meet and exceed audit, regulatory and compliance requirements

Benefit as a Reseller

  • Retainer-based Incident Response resources to ensure the availability of security experts to work with your customer’s internal team
  • Proactively develop an Incident Response Plan for your clients that clearly details roles and responsibilities, procedures, communication plans, and other key elements for addressing the most sophisticated of security threats

Choose to partner with Clone Systems because of

PCI ASV Partners Robust Solution
24/7 Security Operation Center (SOC)

is watching out for you by monitoring threats and blocking attacks in real time.

PCI ASV Partners Threat Intelligence
Vendor Agnostic Solutions

offer you a combination of best and breed hardware and proprietary technology delivered as a fixed cost service with no capital expense.

PCI ASV Partners Scanning Portal
Skilled and Certified Security Engineers

are integrated into your business, complementing your existing team and helping to protect against the latest threats by strengthening your security posture.

PCI ASV Partners Competitive Pricing
Global Experience

and unique insights from securing customers across numerous industries enable us to provide you with relevant education around security best practices and ongoing changes in compliance.

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