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CloneGuard ONE – Complete SMB Security

The only complete enterprise security solution for all small-to-medium sized businesses

CloneGuard ONE

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    • Managed Intrusion Prevention Services
    • Vulnerability Assessment Service
    • PCI ASV Compliance Scanning
    • Managed SIEM
    • EDR Agents (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
    • Security Orchestration Platform
    • SOC engineers 24/7 stopping threats
    • Darkweb Probing
    • OnDemand Penetration Testing


    • ONE enterprise grade security solution for the SMB
    • Easy no hassle automated setup
    • On-prem, Cloud (Azure, AWS, private), virtual
    • Meets all compliance and privacy requirements
    • Includes PCI Compliance scanning with SAQ wizards
    • Your security is our responsibility
    • ONE dashboard for all of your security services
    • Transparent access to all of your data
    • The only all in one security solution on the market

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    CloneGuard ONE Service Description

    • Managed Intrusion Prevention Service for up to 2Gbps throughput with 4 fail-open ethernet interfaces: Monitor your network in real-time to detect and prevent threats. Service includes: Threat intelligence and signature updates; monitoring, alerting, and reporting; customizable dashboards; vendor agnostic expertise; software updates and patches; and 24/7 Security Operation Center.
    • Vulnerability Assessment Service includes an On-Demand portal for scanning external and internal assets. Conduct self-managed vulnerability scans of your infrastructure; you can run and schedule vulnerability scans with unlimited re-scans; detailed report of vulnerabilities identified with recommendations; upon successful completion you will receive remediation guidance or a pass report.
    • PCI Compliance Scanning Service portal for up to 250 IPs per year. Leverage a certified Payment Card Industry (PCI) scanning service to meet PCI Security Standards Council requirements. Service includes: Access to an approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) scanning portal for meeting all the PCI Security Standards Council requirements to perform PCI data security scanning; vulnerability assessment according to PCI DSS; SAQ forms and wizards; you can run and schedule scans every 90 days per PCI requirements; unlimited re-scans; PCI attestation report with ASV certification number.
    • Managed SIEM Service for up to 250 hosts: We conduct real-time analysis of threats by correlating log data from your network and security devices. Service includes: Historical and real-time security information and event analysis and correlation; active threat intelligence; monitoring, alerting, and unified reporting; and 24/7 Security Operation Center.
    • OnDemand Penetration Testing Service for up to 250 IP Addresses: Perform real world attack simulations on your infrastructure to identify existing vulnerabilities and obtain recommendations on how to improve your overall security. Service includes: setup of secure VPN tunnel; 30-day access to the OnDemand web-based portal to conduct self-managed penetration testing; unlimited scanning to identify and exploit vulnerabilities; detailed report of vulnerabilities identified with recommendations; upon successful completion you will receive a certified pass report.
    CloneGuard ONE
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